Amelia Davidson
Staff Reporter
Amelia Davidson currently covers admissions, financial aid and alumni as a staff reporter. She previously covered the Yale College Council. Originally from the Washington D.C. area, she is a sophomore in Pauli Murray College majoring in American studies and economics.
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As Yale continues talks with DOJ, Trump administration doubles down with Princeton investigation

In the wake of the United States Department of Justice’s August allegation that Yale discriminates against white and Asian American applicants in admissions, the Trump […]

New YCC senators begin terms

On Sept. 27, the 28 newly elected Yale College Council senators kicked off their yearlong terms with their first senate meeting. The YCC Senate is […]

YCC officer candidates look back on election

When the Yale College Council held its first Senate meeting on Sept. 27, the losing YCC officer candidates diverged in their decisions on ongoing engagement […]

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Aliesa Bahri ’22 and Reilly Johnson ’22 elected YCC President and Vice President

On Monday, Aliesa Bahri ’22 and Reilly Johnson ’22 began their terms as Yale College Council president and vice president, respectively. Bahri, who previously served […]

CEC docks votes from Bahri ’22 and Johnson ’22 after ticket violated election rules

As students voted for the next Yale College Council president and vice president on Thursday afternoon, the Council Elections Commission found that Aliesa Bahri ’22 […]

CANDIDATE PROFILE: Aliesa Bahri ’22 and Reilly Johnson ’22

Citing a policy platform with 30 sub-sections and a total of eight student government titles between them, Aliesa Bahri ’22 and Reilly Johnson ’22 say […]

CANDIDATE PROFILE: Carlos Brown Jr. ’23

A sophomore without a running mate, Carlos Brown Jr. ’23 argues that his unorthodox campaign for Yale College Council vice president makes him the ideal […]

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CANDIDATE PROFILE: Abey Philip ’22 and Matthew Murillo ’22

Abey Philip ’22 and Matthew Murillo ’22 are using their experiences as first-generation low-income students to run on what they call the most progressive and […]

Slifka closure raises challenge for Jewish students

The Joseph Slifka Center building is closed for the duration of the fall semester, presenting challenges for Jewish students who rely on Slifka as a […]

YCC to hold September elections after spring delay

The Yale College Council will hold elections for all leadership positions this month, after it delayed administrative turnover last spring. On Sept. 17, all Yale […]

Kahlil Greene ’21: Ending a presidency in quarantine

Yale College Council President Kahlil Greene ’21 is steering the YCC ship from an apartment in Maryland — with the occasional break to watch pandemic-related movies.