Amelia Davidson
Staff Reporter
Amelia Davidson currently covers admissions, financial aid and alumni as a staff reporter. She previously covered the Yale College Council. Originally from the Washington D.C. area, she is a sophomore in Pauli Murray College majoring in American studies and economics.
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New OCS summer report shows stark differences from past years

Yale’s Office of Career Strategy released its annual summer activities report in late October, showing how undergraduates spent their summers during the COVID-19 pandemic. This […]

Biden election could change DOJ lawsuit

After President-elect Joe Biden’s victory in the presidential election, the path forward for the United States Department of Justice’s lawsuit against Yale for its admissions […]

Yale College to consider expanding transfer and Eli Whitney programs

Yale College is considering expanding the number of Eli Whitney students — non-traditional students who want a more flexible Yale undergraduate education — as well […]

Yale prepares for first test-optional admissions cycle

Yale College, along with all seven of its Ivy League counterparts, is gearing up for its first test-optional admissions cycle due to the COVID-19 pandemic. […]

Virtual outreach increases contact with prospective students

As Yale College application deadlines approach, the admissions office is connecting with more prospective students than ever before through their new virtual outreach programs. According […]

Yale College to allow international travel, increase financial aid for international students

In light of the longer winter break this year, international students will be allowed to travel home between the end of the fall and beginning […]

Yale Alumni Association launches new diversity initiatives

The Yale Alumni Association will expand its programming relating to diversity, equity and inclusion, as part of the new phase of the existing Belonging at […]

Alums participate in virtual course on African American history

Starting on Sept. 15, the Yale Alumni Association Board of Governors began hosting an alumni section of a Yale course “African American History from Reconstruction […]

Delays in refund checks leave students struggling

Seven weeks into the fall semester, many students on financial aid still have yet to receive their refund checks from the Yale Office of Undergraduate […]

Despite study abroad restrictions, international Yalies enroll in other institutions

Although all Yale-sponsored study abroad remains suspended indefinitely, the University has made an exception for international students who enroll in universities abroad that offer some […]

Justice Department sues Yale over alleged discrimination in admissions

On Thursday afternoon, the United States Department of Justice sued Yale over alleged discrimination against white and Asian American applicants in the admissions process. The […]