Altaf Saadi
Chen, Jetha, Lapinig, Lu, Saadi, Wong: Title IX’s resonances for race

As recent graduates and current students at Yale, we urge the University to seize the impending Title IX investigation as an opportunity to re-evaluate how […]

Students should fight stereotyping of Muslims

When the first Muslim elected to Congress, Rep. Keith Ellison, D-Minn., put his hand on Thomas Jefferson’s Quran at his swearing-in ceremony this past January, […]

Anti-Muslim posters shatter cultural illusions

There are certain things I have come to expect at Yale, whether it is the familiar walkways and Gothic arches as we drift from classes […]

A ‘wedding’ with all Iraq on the guest list

Ever since I can remember, my parents have been sharing stories with me about Iraq and why my family had to flee before I was […]