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PRIMAK: Trying times

Sometimes at Yale, it’s easy to feel that nothing ever changes here. It’s easy to be dismissive. I’ve had my own frustrations with it, without […]

Unprecious & Rough Around the Edges

Jason Labbe believes that when encountering writer’s block, a poet should think of three things that he likes and put them together into a poem’s […]

Driving in Circles

In a dark room on the fourth floor of the Yale University Art Gallery, a projected video shows a black man in a rusty, beat-up […]

Fear Not

It may be true that we live in one of the safest periods of human history, but fear still seems to find its wily way […]

PRIMAK: A Case of the Sunday Blues

Are beginnings always scary? Are endings always depressing? And is Sunday at the beginning of the week, or at the end? Either way, I’m sad. […]

Cooler Than Your Common Room Tapestry

Last semester, several botched attempts at textile weaving in the Morse/Stiles loom room left me with eyesore and splintered fingers. “Who’s Happier Than You?” was […]