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Rural areas have fewer diabetes screenings, study finds

If a community has higher than average health risks, it often requires more medical assistance. But according to a new study from the Yale School […]

New market to open on Ashmun Street

Since the start of the school year, undergrads walking to class have passed by an unlabeled construction project inside a small University building across from […]

Heart disease patients face financial hardships

Legislators often frame their health care debates around who has access to insurance. But recent public health research indicates that the discussion should also revolve […]

New Haven hosts monthly Overdose Response meeting

The road to recovery continued on Wednesday afternoon, as New Haven hosted its monthly Overdose Response meeting to discuss the city’s opioid crisis. The open […]

McLennan explains green architecture ideas

Although his event was titled “The Evolution and Future of the Green Movement,” Jason McLennan decided to begin his talk at the Yale School of […]

New brain model shows prediction potential

Though many health campaigns are designed for all patients, the last decade has seen a rise in personalized medicine. By examining specific features of individuals’ […]

Grant awarded to undergrad program

On Nov. 1, the Yale School of Medicine announced a four-year grant from the Amgen Scholars Program for its BioMedical Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship, also […]

Study identifies genes related to Tourette’s

When the Human Genome Project was completed in 2003, scientists were quick to proclaim that they had the road map to cure every disease and […]

Yale prof wins MacArthur Fellowship

On Thursday afternoon, the country learned the names of the 25 winners of the 2018 MacArthur “Genius” Fellowship awards. But public health professor Gregg Gonsalves […]

Murphy defends Affordable Care Act at SPH

Every summer, Sen. Chris Murphy, D-Conn., goes door to door and asks the citizens of Connecticut what the government can do for them. And, the […]

Researchers use GPS to locate areas with high disease risk

When it comes to geography, traditional sources of human information have limits. Census information is useful for static measures like race and ethnicity, but researchers […]