Al Jiwa
Four years later, Bush has me fully on board

Four years ago, I remember being very lukewarm about President Bush. I was, after all, a McCain Republican: As a social moderate, a self-styled “internationalist” […]

When partisans clash at Yale, it’s all about culture

The events of last semester have reinforced a strong sense of partisan pride among Yalies. More than at any time in recent memory, liberals and […]

Mourning period’s over: Start talking to us again

Nearly one week after John Kerry conceded the election to President Bush, my liberal friends have still to regain their full color. I remember the […]

Duelfer proves it: Bush justified in Iraq

Howard Dean must have been ecstatic as he read the headlines on Oct. 7: “Report Discounts Iraqi Arms Threat” affirmed the Washington Post, while The […]

Kerry has yet to offer real alternatives to Bush

There are a few things that I’m not very proud about. Many find my love of Billy Joel unfortunate and my fascination with the European […]

‘Republican’ does not have to be a dirty word

Apparently, the best way to end a dinner conversation prematurely is to announce your political beliefs. Perhaps I was expecting too much; as I mouthed […]

Picking anyone but Bush is anything but wise

I have a nasty habit of putting myself into difficult situations (the thousands of dirty looks I received at the Freshman Bazaar while canvassing for […]

Bush needs reform, not orthodoxy for Nov.

In 2000, then Governor Bush trumpeted a record of “reaching across the aisle” and ending partisan gridlock as the crux of his presidential platform. Bush […]

Gay marriage fits Republican values

As the leader of the Yale College Republicans, I find my personal politics ever compared with the national standard of the GOP. As one might […]