Overcrowded housing here to stay

The unexpectedly large number of students who applied for on-campus housing last year, combined with the shortage of housing for juniors, startled administrators. This year, it is clear that overcrowding is becoming a trend, worrying residential college deans and students alike. The most likely explanation for overcrowding is a decrease in the number of students […]


Yale forms new South American ties

Yale finalized two medical partnerships to treat genetic and infectious diseases in South America this month. A team of Yale professors and administrators traveled to Buenos Aires, Argentina, and Sao Paulo, Brazil, over spring break, to raise awareness of Yale’s programs and research and to meet with local alumni and educators. University Secretary Linda Lorimer […]


Elis say going steady can be rocky


Bringing sexy back

Two years ago, coordinators of the biennial Sex Week at Yale invited Paul Thomas, a director who screened clips from his porn film featuring sadomasochism. Colin Adamo ’10 said the event surprised and startled organizers, who had not screened the film and did not plan the event to address the issue of sexual violence. This […]


Future unclear for Times copies

Though the future of free copies of The New York Times in Yale’s dining halls is unclear, University President Richard Levin said he has taken note of the strong show of student interest in keeping the paper. Last week, Yale College Council President Jon Wu ’11 said he had polled the YCC executive board to […]


N.Y. Times may leave dining halls

For avid news junkies at Yale, leafing through The New York Times while eating at the dining hall might eventually be a thing of the past. In response to a request from the President’s Office to gauge student interest in reading the print version of the Times on campus, Yale College Council representatives polled themselves […]


All Phi Beta Kappas not created equal

Though membership in the honor society Phi Beta Kappa is one of the nation’s oldest academic distinctions, the 62 Yale seniors and 10 juniors who were inducted into Phi Beta Kappa on Dec. 7 might not necessarily qualify at most other Ivy League universities. The academic honors society has more than half a million members […]


Despite policy change, plagiarism cases up

Though English lecturer Fred Strebeigh, like many other instructors, asks his students to cite sources in their essays, Strebeigh sometimes goes one step further: For each endnote, he requires students to include the referenced passages and capitalize the key words they used to develop their arguments. The goal, Strebeigh said, is for students to avoid […]


Potty talk from Yale author

What does it mean if your urine is foamy or red? How much flatulence daily is too much? Yale School of Medicine professor Anish Sheth, the co-author of the best-seller “What’s Your Poo Telling You?” has written a new book titled “What’s My Pee Telling Me?” In an interview with the News, Sheth talked about […]


Briefly: Korean court upholds “Shingate” decision

South Korea’s Supreme Court on Thursday upheld the 18-month prison sentence of Shin Jeong-ah, the former professor at Dongguk University in South Korea who falsely claimed to have received her doctorate at Yale, according to an article in the Korea Times. Shin, who was arrested by South Korean authorities in October 2007, was convicted of […]


Librarian recants doubts on authorship of “Serenity Prayer”

More than a year after Yale librarian Fred Shapiro publicly called into question the origins of the Serenity Prayer, a quotation customarily attributed to Reinhold Niebuhr ’14 GRD ’15, new evidence suggests that Niebuhr was in fact the source of the famous saying, the New York Times reported Friday. Shapiro is the editor of the […]