Alina Martel
Contributing Reporter
Alina Martel is a Trumbull College Class of 2023 graduate and former member of the Yale Daily News. Contact her at
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MARTEL: Kill your metrics.

As a full-time researcher with zero roommates, I allocate a fair chunk of my energy to loneliness prevention. For the past 18 months, I have […]

MARTEL: (Almost) cures for perfectionism

Anybody who has ever seen an infant understands a few key things: Thing one: A baby will be incoherent for a long time. Nobody minds. […]

Love in Twelve Moments

“Tell us a love story!” they told me. So I told them ours.  I. You were bashful when I met you Quiet—self-contained And you leaned […]

Missing the Point

You’re missing the point. Have you ever heard that before? Gotten that before? It’s never something you want to hear. People telling you that your […]

Bread and Cake

The first thing I notice is the bread. It’s the kind you can look at and know that it’s warm: dotted with raisins and nuts, […]