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ZHAO: A meat pancake

My mother likes to send me pictures of food. Afternoon, evening and late at night, I’ll check my phone and there’ll be another text or […]

Letters in the Library

In the Saybrook Library, in one of the study rooms off to the left, there is a drawer full of left-behind things. There is a […]

Dream-scape, life-scape

There’s a strange dream at work here. Familiar objects are deconstructed and reconstructed. Spaces once comforting have become incomprehensible. As a result, part II of […]

ZHAO: Fruit

Sometime in February, when it was dark and raining and I was upset with myself, I saw a whole unpeeled banana on the ground and hated it immediately.

Black Holes and leveling the playing field

When Meg Urry got to Yale University in 2001, she became the first woman ever to receive tenure by the physics department in Yale history. She went on to serve as Department Chair from 2007 to 2013 and as the director of the Yale Center for Astronomy and Astrophysics, a position she continues to hold today. Outside of the university, she is the President of the American Astronomical Society. WKND sat down to talk with her not just about her passion for astronomy, but also her passion for gender equity in the sciences.

A world made senior-thesis films

A late night blues DJ and a concussed stranger roam the streets together at night.

On the Blue (line)

ELM/YORK: There are about six of us standing here at the corner, and we look absolutely miserable. Granted, it’s zero degrees outside. A girl next […]

Bad people do bad things

“Women Beware Women” showcases ugliness at its best.

ZHAO: Going home

I didn’t unpack my suitcase during winter break. Instead, I just left it lying there, its contents spilling out onto the floor. Sweaters. Socks. Shoes. […]

Tesla vies for showrooms in Connecticut

Tesla Motors is pushing the state General Assembly to reintroduce a bill that would allow them to open showrooms in Connecticut after it failed to […]

Yale debuts on-demand MOOCs

In 2014, Yale first launched Massive Open Online Courses on Coursera, an education platform that partners with the nation’s top universities to offer online classes […]