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A Good Immigrant

Here is the story I told about my parents for a long time. My mother and father arrive in the United States in their mid-20s. […]

How to Make Fried Rice

STEP ONE: Get the rice. There are multiple ways you can do this. You can go a Chinese restaurant and take home the free rice […]

Channel 8

Recently, I’ve been thinking about my old television set. It was a bulky thing, short and squat. It had one of those rabbit ear antennas […]

Second Best Mind

Last semester, an English professor asked me what I wanted to do with my life, and I said exactly the wrong thing. I want to […]

Phoenix’s futures

When Phoenix Alexander first enrolled at Queen Mary University of London, he studied fashion design. However, after taking a postcolonial literature class, Phoenix realized his […]

ZHAO: Driving lessons

An uncle and his niece. Dark basements and back roads at night. The opening scene sets the stage well enough: Li’l Bit and Uncle Peck sit in a quiet car; it’s a full moon out; firm hands slip up a thin blouse.


October of sophomore year, I got bronchitis. I remember sitting in an examination room at Yale Health, watching the doctor write a prescription for antibiotics. […]

Major English Poets: From Chaucer to None?

Margaret Shultz ’16 felt dissatisfied when she submitted her senior thesis in English this spring. The road to this moment hadn’t been an easy one: She’d begun to question the value of the English curriculum as early as freshman year. By senior year, she actively avoided taking any English classes at all.

ZHAO: Over Pasta

I’ve been trying to find meaning in making pasta.

ZHAO: Cardboard suitcases

I love packing. I love packing so much that even now, just thinking about it — the unzipping of the suitcase, the careful piling of […]

An Intricate Web

“We Wove A Web” is a clever work. Nothing at first glance is what it seems. It’s supposed to be a show about the lives […]