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ZHANG: Greek Rank’s ghosts, the vogue anonymous forum for comparing sororities and fraternities, fits into Yale culture as well as Woads. In the past few weeks, it’s been […]

ZHANG: For the students

This is for the senior who will not have a college named after her: who feels the ghosts of slaveowner’s past yanking a rose stem out of her throat, who slit her tongue and watched the blood spill in October — how it flowed into the palms of a thousand newspapers, how the nation glared at those seeds of hope, how the fire blazed in the distance, how the students stood there in the rain like something beautiful would grow out of pain.

ZHANG: Thompson College, not Calhoun

Roosevelt Thompson, Calhoun College ’84, is the most compelling candidate to be Calhoun College’s new namesake. It should go without saying that a significant majority […]

In and Out: A Revolving Door for Yale’s Professors of Color?

“You know what I would like to see?” Yale history professor Beverly Gage ’94 asks from her desk one warm October afternoon. “The John C. Calhoun Faculty Diversity Initiative.”

ZHANG: The Arkansas Traveler

When we registered The Arkansas Society as an official undergraduate organization at Yale, Eli insisted we choose someone — a “Chief Porcellian” — to start each meeting by yelling “WOOOOOO PIIIIIIIIIIIGGGGGGG SOOIIEEEEEEE!!!!!”

ZHANG: Making Asian American Studies a reality

I challenge Yale University to announce by the end of the 2016 calendar year a permanent expansion of Asian American Studies at Yale and to publicize a timeline of actions it will take to achieve this goal.