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Alex used to cover all things the Divinity School. Now, she serves as Weekend Editor. She's a junior in Trumbull majoring in English.
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Atlantic writer Elizabeth Bruenig discusses ambiguity and mystery at Divinity School lecture

On Tuesday evening, Elizabeth Bruenig, a journalist and staff writer for The Atlantic, gave the Yale Divinity School’s annual Sorensen lecture. 

Awet Andemicael DIV ’10 settles into associate dean role at Marquand Chapel

After a year-long extension, Andemicael settles into her role as associate dean for Marquand Chapel at the Yale Divinity School.

Yale Divinity School sees strong donor engagement in 2020-21

The Yale Divinity School received an almost 31 percent increase in donor gifts in the previous fiscal year, a sign of support amid the COVID-19 […]

Yale Divinity School goes dark to save migrating birds

Following student advocacy, the Yale Divinity School will now pledge to dim or turn off all nonessential lights during fall and spring bird migrations, as […]

Recapping Spring Flings, from 2018 to 2021

Spring Fling, a concert traditionally held on Old Campus each spring before final exams begin, was called off for the second year in a row […]

A look at GHeav over the years: From beloved employees to health code violations

Beloved student spot Good Nature Market, better known as GHeav, has experienced its high and lows over the past four years, including the departure of […]

Yale Debate Association sees success at national tournament

The Yale Debate Association has had an notably successful year despite the club moving online. Most recently, members received top awards at the American Parliamentary Debate Association’s Online National Tournament, which occurred from April 23 to April 25.

The front of Sterling Library from Cross Campus.
School of Management chef hosts cooking classes to increase engagement, create community

Assistant Director of the School of Management and Senior Executive Chef David Kuzma is trying to build a community among the students at SOM through virtual cooking classes.

A screenshot of Kuzma
17 Yale affiliates named to Biden SCOTUS commission

On April 9, President Joe Biden issued an executive order creating the Presidential Commission on the Supreme Court of the United States, a 36-person group […]

A view of the Supreme Court in the evening.
Yale Political Union hosts Noam Chomsky to debate the American empire

On Tuesday, the Yale Political Union hosted a debate where participants discussed the American empire and whether or not it should end. The debate featured […]

Yale Dems release 2021 Voting Climate Report

On Monday, the Yale College Democrats released their 2021 Voting Climate Report. Among other items, the report discussed voting culture and voter history on campus, […]