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With Yale Golf Course reopened, School of the Environment professors weigh in on course sustainability

While the Yale Golf Course has taken steps to reduce its environmental impact, experts from the Yale School of the Environment believe that the University […]

How swimsuit material inspired the ‘holy grail’ of water filtration

Water filtration is a practice that dates back to the time of Hippocrates, and over time, researchers have worked to create more efficient and reusable […]

New study points to gap in dark matter theory

New research co-authored by a Yale astronomy professor suggests that there may be a large discrepancy between what scientists thought dark matter was and what […]

Landmark study illuminates new features of Andromeda’s halo

New spectrographic data from the Hubble Space Telescope suggests that the halo of the Andromeda galaxy is already overlapping with that of the Milky Way. […]