Alexis Wolff
A different income, a different college experience

My mom worried when I decided to apply to Yale, but not that I wouldn’t get in. She worried that I would get in, and […]

Seniors choose present fun over future worries

The clock is ticking. In just over three months, the Class of 2003 will have to enter the “real world.” But for now, seniors want […]

Seniors ponder options for life after graduation

In seven months, Yale will evict the class of 2003. In the meantime, seniors are going through the motions of planning their futures — taking […]

Anthrax threats slow SAT scores

The College Board announced Tuesday that as many as 7,800 answer sheets from the Oct. 13 SAT have not arrived in Princeton, N.J., where the […]

Harvard to e-mail acceptance letters

Harvard University will join Yale and Dartmouth in announcing admissions decisions online for applicants to the Class of 2006, but will use e-mail and not […]

Yale to e-mail early decision applicants

Susanna Moore, an applicant to Yale’s class of 2006, breathed a sigh of relief in late October when she dropped her finished application in the […]

Sept. 11 desensitizes students to plane crash

More than 250 people died in a plane crash in Queens, N.Y., Monday. But the reactions of many Yale students were muted — many said […]

Yale keeps watch on students abroad

Studying in Egypt, Aaisha Tracy ’03 said she was quarantined in her dorm Sept. 11 while the U.S. Embassy debated whether to evacuate the American […]

Yale alum has skin anthrax

Yale alumnus Mark Cunningham ’85, an editor at the New York Post, has been diagnosed as having skin anthrax. His case was confirmed by the […]

Despite fears, applications to college roll in

Only one senior at Stuyvesant High School — located four blocks north of what used to be the World Trade Center — has told counselor […]

Admissions plan gets mixed reviews

Inside the Yale admissions office, administrators are excited about a Web site that will announce admissions decisions online. But outside, not everyone shares their enthusiasm. […]