Alex Fisher
FISHER: For an apolitical endowment

There are very specific occasions when Yale avoids investing in companies for ethical reasons, but these are not a precedent for what Fossil Free Yale now proposes.

FISHER: A defense of gentrification

The early 1990s marked a difficult period for Yale. As the University bore the scars of the disastrous policy of deferred maintenance that had left […]

FISHER: Close Toad’s now

Over the last year, we have spent a great deal of time dissecting our “campus climate.” But we cannot expect our campus to become civil […]

Fisher: Pick Mitt over Mitch

As the race for the Republican Presidential nomination begins to gain momentum, would-be candidates need to meet two key criteria. First, they need to have […]

Fisher: A two-way street

After their monumental and overwhelming defeat in the recent midterm elections, it seems that the Democratic Party has acquired a new favorite word: bipartisanship. The […]

Fisher: A discredited election

The public might have thought they had spoken, but it now appears that it will be quite some time before we know Connecticut’s next governor […]

Fisher: Unfit to serve?

Let’s imagine for a moment that I wrote my Yale admissions essay on the topic of “a defining life experience” — but claimed untruthfully that […]

Fisher: Legitimizing the ridiculous

Though I have long since forgotten most Freshman Orientation activities, the showing of the movie “Relationships: Untitled” during orientation still stands out for me. To […]

Fisher: Time for turkey Tuesdays

In “Make Mondays meatless,” (Oct. 8) Eitan Fischer ’13 and Shebani Rao ’12 propose a highly illiberal means of propelling their pet issue into the […]

Fisher and Lu: Too many followers

In “Missing discourse on campus,” Alex Klein ’12 is not mistaken when he points to the lack of Republican activity at Yale (Sept. 24). He […]