Ally Daniels
DANIELS: Cross the street

I felt the disjuncture between the Yale and New Haven communities three times the other day.

DANIELS: Service and sisterhood

My sorority has allowed me to participate in various fundraisers and service initiatives to which I otherwise might not have been exposed.

DANIELS: Competing for stress

What we are seeking when we talk to our peers about our stress is not comfort or guidance but validation in the knowledge that our workload is more unmanageable than everybody else’s.

DANIELS: Optimizing on inertia

It is incredible how generous people will be if you just make it easy for them to give.

DANIELS: Just disconnect

A break from technology provides us with a breath of authenticity, pushing us to be more present and to find value in our immediate surroundings.

DANIELS: A taste of hunger

If I was unable to do reading after half a day of fasting, how are children that go hungry for days on end expected to concentrate in school?


I definitely feel the effects of FOMO, when I get uneasy about missing the most trivial events.

DANIELS: What’s on your plate

After taking a class entitled “The Psychology, Biology and Politics of Food” with Professor Kelly Brownell my freshman year, my approach to food changed.

DANIELS: Our independence

We can have independence at 18 while still relying on our families. We can travel on our own and still call home for advice and to share stories.

DANIELS: Finding our inner bookworms

When I was eight years old, my brothers nicknamed me “the bookworm who knits.”

DANIELS: Working for validation

As a society, we should continue to recognize the accomplishments of our best scholars while finding a way to celebrate other kinds of success.