Aleksandra Gjorgievska
Facing budget deficit, Div School dean postpones plans

The Divinity School’s $800,000 budget deficit has forced Divinity School Dean Gregory Sterling to put some of his plans for the school on hold.

SOM hosts first integrated case competition

Last Saturday, students from four U.S. business schools participated in the School of Management’s inaugural integrated leadership case competition.

Yale-NUS releases curriculum report

The Yale-NUS Curriculum Committee unveiled the specific details of the Singaporean college’s curriculum in a report released Thursday.

SOM hosts Immersion Week

Students at the School of Management positively reviewed the new Immersion Week program.

FAS meeting stirs Yale-NUS debate

Roughly 20 professors discussed Yale’s venture in Singapore during a closed-door meeting Thursday afternoon.

HubSpot acquires SOM student startup

The marketing software company HubSpot has announced that it is acquiring Daniel Wolchonok’s SOM ’13 startup PrepWork, an online service that enables users to build […]

On popularity, Law School still No. 1

Yale Law School claimed the No. 1 spot on U.S. News and World Report’s list of the 10 most popular law schools in the nation. […]

Study finds class affects Law School experience

The nation’s top-ranked law school may not be guaranteeing an equal shot at success for all members of its future classes, a new report has found.

Law professors weigh in on gay marriage debate

Several Yale Law School professors and alumni who support same-sex marriage recently offered their opinions on Hollingsworth v. Perry to the Supreme Court. The professors […]

With Salovey, little change for Yale-NUS expected

When President-elect Peter Salovey arrives at the Singaporean campus next month, the buildings under construction will be a familiar sight.

Mexican court rules Zedillo ineligible for immunity

A recent ruling by a Mexican court declared that former Mexican President and Yale professor Ernesto Zedillo GRD ’81 is not eligible for immunity protection under the Mexican Constitution.