Aleksandra Gjorgievska
GJORGIEVSKA: Connecting to bloggers

Creating a catchy yet meaningful URL for one’s blog must be one of the most popular first-world problems of the day. In fact, the need […]

Salam urges Yale to “keep America weird”

Non-fiction writer and policy analyst Reihan Salam urged Yale students and alumni to “keep America weird” Thursday afternoon. Salam spoke to roughly 30 students and […]

World Fellows celebrate ten years

Maria Corina Machado is currently challenging Hugo Chavez for the Venezuelan presidency, but she still made time to help the Yale World Fellows Program celebrate […]

Republican senatorial candidate visits campus

A Republican candidate for the 2012 U.S. Senate nomination race visited campus on Thursday, stumping for his candidacy in the Pierson master’s house. Chris Shays, […]

Lerner inspires poetry, thought

Yale literature aficionados had the chance to hear American poet, novelist, and critic Ben Lerner read his own award winning work Thursday night. Around 40 […]

Pro-life philospher tackles ethics

As pro-life groups step up their efforts to prevent abortions, philosopher Chris Tollefsen asked members of the movement not to overlook a fundamental Christian principle […]

Point: Long live Pluto

I am neither planning to be an astronomy major nor am I particularly interested in the sciences, but I do believe we should still refer […]