Alec Torres
TORRES: Preserving free society

There is a mistaken assumption amongst the haughty secularists of modern Western society that religion is not only antiquated and destructive, but also has no […]

TORRES: The one-sided campus

This year student organizations will invite conservative speakers to campus, offering much-needed opposing views to our stifled intellectual culture. Undoubtedly, many so-called open-minded people on […]

TORRES: Treat people like people

Shaun Tan, in his Monday column (“For More Objectification,” 11/1/11), shamelessly argued there is nothing wrong with objectification, and it is in fact good to […]

TORRES: Why Yalies should oppose Sex Week

What individuals do in their public and personal lives undoubtedly affects society at large and, if we truly care about bettering our society, we must […]