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Walsh examines the Bard in Hollywood

Thursday’s screening of Kenneth Branagh’s film adaptation of “Henry V” at the Whitney Humanities Center kicks off a series of film showings organized as part […]

After two years, festival becomes reality

This semester, Yale will exercise its vast collection of Shakespearean resources with events ranging from “Baking With the Bard” at the Yale Sustainable Food Project […]

Indie artist, former Duke’s man to play Cabaret

Need your indie fix STAT when you get back to the bleak, bleak New Haven winter? You’re in luck — the Yale Cabaret will host […]

Did Franco GRD ’16 get an NYU professor fired?

Having broken countless Eli hearts, ditched the stark beauty of New England for the oil fields of Texas and left all of us wondering where […]

Top 10 Signs You’re Losing It

There’s more Red Bull in your blood stream than haemoglobin. You don’t want to leave your perfect study spot for fear that some scheming pre-med […]

Christopher Shropshire – True Colors

21-year-old Christopher Shropshire decided earlier this year to quit taking classes at his local community college — after just one semester — in order to […]

Tacky Sweater Shop sells out in 36 hours

Whether it’s the massive Christmas tree looming over Occupy New Haven on the Green or the dining hall decorations that offer up aesthetic delights to […]

Career offices step up arts advising

With the continued economic slump creating uncertainty for students seeking careers in every field, Yale is redoubling its efforts to assist those looking for jobs […]

Despite challenges, original theater appeals

Despite the intense time commitment required to write and produce original theater, a growing group of Yale undergraduates seems eager to take on the challenge. […]

REVIEW: Jeera Thai: good food, needs elbow room

For some inexplicable reason, a pilgrimage to Thai Taste has become an essential part of the tour Elis give friends visiting Yale. It’s like, “this […]

“Demon barber” attacks Yale

This weekend, the Dramat will do its part to jump-start Yalies’ bloodlust before the Harvard-Yale game. “Sweeney Todd,” the Yale Dramatic Association’s fall mainstage production, […]