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Yale continues search for new School of Public Health dean

Melinda Pettigrew was appointed interim dean of the Yale School of Public Health as University President Peter Salovey continues to search for a new dean.

Yale study explores the effects of gendered racism on black girls

Researchers at Yale study the effects of gendered racism on black girls and propose possible solutions to mitigate these effects.

Two COVID-19 vaccine doses for every person could save over a million lives, Yale study finds

Researchers at Yale and several other institutions modeled the cost and effect of higher COVID-19 vaccination in developing countries.

Yale researchers investigate the pandemic’s impact on people with disabilities

A new study by scientists at the Yale School of Public Health examined how COVID-19 impacted the mental health of adults with disabilities in the U.S.

Pfizer effectiveness against household transmission is reduced by Delta, Yale study finds

A recent study at the Yale School of Public Health looked at the effectiveness of the Pfizer vaccine in preventing household transmission, using data from Israeli cases.

Yale study links ozone exposure to cognitive decline in older adults

A recent study at the Yale School of Public Health found an association between long term ozone exposure and cognitive decline in a cohort of older Chinese adults.

SPH student advocates for COVID-19 screening in K-12 schools nationwide

A student at the Yale School of Public Health is working in collaboration with the U.S. government to support COVID-19 screening programs nationwide.

First case of Omicron COVID-19 variant detected in Connecticut

The first case of the Omicron variant has been reported in the state of Connecticut. Health care experts believe there are more cases in Connecticut which have not yet been detected.

Yale scientists identify remdesivir resistance in immunocompromised COVID-19 patient

Researchers at the Yale School of Public Health and the School of Medicine identified a SARS-CoV-2 remdesivir resistance mutation in an immunocompromised patient.

Yale experts weigh in on how inequitable vaccine rollout may have allowed for Delta variant and cost human lives

COVID-19 has exacerbated existing inequities in global health, with an especially high toll on developing countries.

Yale School of Public Health celebrates Alumni Day

Students, faculty and alumni of the School of Public Health gathered on Oct. 15 for Alumni Day, when school affiliates tackled issues of social justice […]