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Not a Note Out of Place

The Jazz Festival is the most prominent celebration of jazz on Yale’s campus. Running at the Yale Art Gallery from April 22 to 23, the free festival includes performances, discussions and workshops with prominent jazz musicians. The event is organized by the Yale Undergraduate Jazz Collective, a student organization that describes itself as “the hub of the Yale jazz community.”

NHPD aims to secure body cam funding

The New Haven Police Department has neared its goal of securing body cameras by the end of June.

Get Out of Your Fantasy

Warning: Contains spoilers for “Get Out” Your skin is not black, but you don’t mind if the skin of others is. You watch “Get Out,” […]

Diversity in Divinity

Pennington couldn’t have fathomed the 150-member graduating class of 2016. Its graduates represented 14 countries, and more than a third of them came from U.S. minority groups, from black to Hispanic. Its members represented up to 27 religious traditions, and some practiced no religion at all. And yet they all received the traditionally Christian education with which he would have been familiar. They were the products of a divinity school that both had changed and had not, one that had grown old but that also had become new and one that had reconfigured itself without sacrificing its mission.

Unapologetically Muslim

Change begins with conversations,” said the woman wearing the velvet hijab, surveying the room of students from behind the podium. “A lot of the walls […]

Yale researchers advance search for dark matter

Decades after dark matter was first discovered, a Yale-built detection device is leading the search for the invisible phenomenon. Researchers from Yale, the University of […]

Minaret height halts mosque construction

The construction of twin minarets by a local mosque has been halted for the second time due to city regulations determining how high a structure […]

Bulldogs in the White House: Yalies in the Trump Administration

Islam: A religion of immigrants

“Oh mankind, indeed We have created you from a male and a female and made you peoples and tribes, so that you may know one another” (Quran 49:13).

State educators slam DeVos

The Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions approved DeVos’ nomination on Tuesday. Her nomination will now go to the Senate floor for approval.

At the Intersection

The U.S. Army Corps’s decision to deny ETP an easement for the construction of DAPL through the Standing Rock reservation, while a highly significant victory for the Native American community, does not mark the end of the controversy.

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