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ELBENNI: Identifying Islam

On Oct. 16, 1989, the News finally published an article on Muslims rather than Islam. Here’s how it begins: “When Eman Qawiyy ’92 unfolded her […]

Paradise is Monotonous

  “Between my house and my pulpit,” Prophet Mohammed tells us in one of his more notable utterances in hadith — the Islamic prophetic traditions […]

You are Nuju

Nuju and I met in the unlikeliest of spaces, crowded by the capitalistic beep-bop-beeps of hungry cashiers and the green smell of laminated store tiles […]


For six hours on the morning of May 24, 2017, my older sister, Zahra, and I crawled along the spine of the Blue Ridge Mountains […]

Our Story in Real Time

I begin in September 1999. Within minutes, the expedition has become a tour with one stop too many: a law professor denouncing “measurism,” EgyptAir permitting […]

A Memorial

At the center of Yale University, there towers a proud King. He occupies a sprawling 122,500 square-foot throne. His emerald carpet stretches across an entire […]

Dressed in Blue, in the Red

An Arabic translator for the Air Force. A four-year member of the Navy. A former addict turned Boren scholar and sociological researcher. A globe-trotting snowboarding coach and graphic designer. A former Marine Corp and State Department employee. They all walk Yale’s campus, but not as residential fellows, graduate students or professors. These are undergraduate students, all working towards the same bachelor’s degree as their younger classmates. They are Eli Whitney students.

Route 9

Sometimes, instead of asking about the intricacies of American history, he recites his surahs for the day. Some days I enjoy his slow, melodic recitation, savor its gentle embrace, as the night sky and the night road stretch out before us. Other days, though, I find myself wishing, with a great deal of guilt, that he wouldn’t recite, that he would leave God’s Word be for just thirty minutes and simply speak to me.

Catherine Yang
The “Bakery”: Exploring Yale’s New Media Center

To the average passerby, 149 York St. is relatively plain. The building sits beside the flashier Yale Repertory Theatre and the fancier Yale Center for […]

Not So Simple Truths

A former senior advisor for technology at the U.S. Department of State. The co-founder of the first Muslim college in the United States. A religious […]

Modification may lead to more effective solar cells

As the solar energy industry booms in the United States, Yale researchers have found a way to modify a mineral structure that could produce more […]