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April 10th

This past month, I’ve only thought about myself and my thesis, and because my thesis is about myself, it’s really just another way of thinking […]

Me and My Spiritual Yeast Infection

Fine, but I’m like 90 percent sure I have a yeast infection. Like, I don’t know for sure, and my gynecologist keeps telling me that […]

To Lost Friends

I am a tremendously terrible person, but I pretend to be a good one. I am such a gifted pretender that I fool myself until […]

Yale Law School clinic files national lawsuit to protect veterans with PTSD

The Yale Law School Veterans Legal Services Clinic filed a national class-action lawsuit last week on behalf of two U.S. Army veterans, Stephen Kennedy and […]

Study makes progress toward individualized ASD treatment

A recently published article by researchers at the Yale Child Study Center revealed that naturalistic behavioral therapy can improve cognitive activity in children with autism […]

HIV incidence will not decrease without vaccine, study finds

A new study conducted by researchers at the Yale School of Public Health and Oregon State University has evaluated the efficacy of the goals set […]

Prison separates youth from general inmate population

To reduce rates of recidivism among young adults, the state Department of Corrections created at the Cheshire Correctional Institution a unit for young men aged […]

Tax assistance program helps low-income families

Mayor Toni Harp held a press conference last Tuesday to remind residents of the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance program, an annual service that helps low-income […]

Four arrested at Friday’s Calhoun protest

Four New Haven residents were arrested Friday afternoon during a “Change the Name” rally.

Un-Cool Girl

You are a 14-year-old boy named Sam Larson. You have blonde, unkempt hair, green eyes and an affinity for graphic tee shirts from Target. You […]

Honey, I Killed the Kids

It was 431 B.C.E.! A relatively young, talented playwright named (somewhat unfortunately) Euripides had finally scrimped and saved enough to buy him a one-way ticket […]