Adam Lior Hirst
Hirst: Learning to be free

Over the past year, I have used this space to argue, esoterically and exoterically, for America to take an active role in promoting the spread […]

Hirst: Time to go Dutch

“Beneath the level of myth and politics and high ideals,” Russell Shorto writes in his 2004 book “The Island at the Center of the World,” […]

Hirst: More than a game

We can better understand a foreign people by walking to a local park and watching a game of basketball than observing a session of parliament. […]

Hirst: Our information overload

When I was 5, my parents let me watch television so that I would be familiar with the shows my peers were watching. When I […]

Hirst: My, and our, bracket problem

Ever since my third grade teacher, Mr. Campbell, awarded packs of sports cards for answering math questions correctly, basketball has been my great passion. I […]

Hirst: Comic books to the rescue

For as long as I can remember, I’ve loved comic books. My earliest memories (and cutest baby pictures) are of my dad and me dressed […]

Hirst: Questions worth asking

Early one morning last week I stepped out of Branford entryway D and walked through the college courtyard Robert Frost purportedly described as the most […]

Hirst: Charlie Wilson’s charge

A disproportionate number of the men I revere were Cold Warriors. Presidents Truman, Kennedy and Reagan, Senator Scoop Jackson, Pope John Paul II, boxer Rocky […]

Hirst: To seek and not to yield

This past Saturday, my sister and I were hiking Fifth Avenue toward F.A.O. Schwarz when we spotted a place with even more toys and games: […]

Lior Hirst: Profiles in politics

I have a big decision to make. I’ll confess, I’ve been putting it off for quite some time. I want to accept her as my […]

Hirst: Laughing for liberty

I left the Shubert Theater on Saturday evening with a thought and a charge: A regime with a rich tradition of stand-up comedy is likely […]