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KROK: Pernicious populism

Tomorrow, millions of Americans across the country will head to the polls to determine who will be the next president. That person should be Hillary Clinton LAW '73.

KROK: Godless men at Yale

When we liberate ourselves from the notion of an all-controlling God, we become truly free. Only then can we embrace the mission of a liberal education. God is dead, and light and truth have replaced him.

KROK: Privilege and exploitation

The quicker White America realizes its continued complicity in profits from past injustice, the quicker redress can come about. There are two evils of privilege: not to acknowledge it and not to spread it.

KROK: A principle for renaming

On Monday, the Committee to Establish Principles on Renaming held a meeting at the Sterling Law Building to solicit student opinion. This is a seminal […]

KROK: Hold Hillary accountable

Without a credible opposition, Clinton has been able to deflect legitimate criticism of her campaign.

KROK: Tax Yale

Yale has become a quasi-republic of finance with its own sovereign wealth fund to boot. Should it continue to systemically harm New Haven, Connecticut, and even its own economic interests? The law, our consciences and true love for Yale command us to say no.

KROK: The global constitution

Every international student at Yale notices something different about American culture.

KROK: Who’s afraid of democracy?

I was not entirely surprised reading a recent column in the News (“Participation isn’t perfection,” Feb. 4) lamenting unqualified voter participation, and calling for a form of lazy democracy where uneducated voters stay at home while the real, smart guys decide elections. This attitude is wrong for several reasons.