Abigail Dixon
Staff Reporter
Abigail Dixon is a staff reporter for WKND. Coming from Kentucky, she is a sophomore in Pierson College majoring in Humanities.
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Blurbs: WKNDers’ summer travel horror stories

I am used to Americans nagging and pushing me at JFK airport, but I was hopeful on my flight to Miami this year. I was […]

Five Best Coffee Shops for Studying

Despite the complete lack of evidence of its effectiveness in increasing my concentration, this past year I began solely studying at coffee shops. Though in […]

The Age-ing of Abigail

For some reason, I’ve chosen this late in my college career to have a crisis about my major. My mantra to my family — and […]

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Over winter break, I watched the HBO miniseries “Station Eleven,” based on the 2014 Emily St. John Mandel postapocalyptic novel by the same name. It […]

Jessai Flores
Unconscious Afflictions

Walking down York Street at 9 a.m. on my way to Portuguese class, I see Willoughby’s as I exit Pierson, walk by Blue State and […]

Yale’s Timmy T Takes

It’s Timothée Chalamet’s World — And I Wish I Wasn’t Living In It By Audrey Kolker   Maybe it’s all two minutes and 33 seconds […]

Don’t Look

It is said that the Stacks, housing millions of books in Sterling Memorial Library, are also home to a ghost.  This ghost was once a […]

Let’s talk about “I Don’t Want to Talk”

To the beat of an explosive drumroll, Wallows has returned with “I Don’t Want to Talk,” the first single for their upcoming sophomore album. This […]