Aaron Lewis
Putting a typeface to the name

In the late 90s, Yale’s visual identity had a case of multiple personality disorder. Yale’s branding—seen on everything from its admissions brochures to its signs […]

LEWIS: Class and the class gift

As the clock runs out on the Senior Class Gift, “uncomfortable conversations” will be happening aplenty. I’d like to think they’ll be open and sensitive, opportunities for true understanding and friendship, but I’m skeptical.

The Body Politic

I spent October break in a darkened basement of the medical school, peering through a microscope at butterfly scales. Each scale is a few microns […]

Einstein’s hidden legacy revealed in new book

Few people think Einstein is under-appreciated  But applied physics professor A. Douglas Stone argues that Einstein contributed much more to the field of quantum physics than […]

‘Domino of life’ discovered

Researchers at the Yale School of Medicine have discovered what they believe are the mechanisms that help jumpstart life. Through studying the early development of […]

McChrystal appears on ‘The Daily Show’

General Stanley McChrystal stepped into Jon Stewart’s line of fire tonight on “The Daily Show,” making the televised appearance to promote his new memoir, “My […]

LEWIS: Into the abyss

I’ve been having an existential crisis this week.