Ellie Park, Photography Editor

The 16-member Yale Corporation, the University’s highest governing body, will meet in person for its last meeting before the end of the semester on Saturday, April 20. 

This meeting is the Corporation’s last before the Yale community disperses for the summer recess and arrives as the Presidential Search Committee nears the eighth month of its process. University President Peter Salovey previously told the News that Corporation members, also known as trustees, typically arrive a few days before their Saturday appointment for “informal meetings” throughout campus. 

As trustees trickle onto Yale’s campus, a coalition of roughly 12 students known as Hunger Strikers for Palestine will continue their hunger strike. The hunger strike which began on Friday is part of an ongoing effort to demand that Yale divest from weapons manufacturers “contributing to Israel’s assault on Palestine.” 

Meanwhile, over 1,200 admitted students are expected to make their way to New Haven for Bulldog Days, which will begin at 2:00 p.m. Monday and conclude at 2:00 pm. on Wednesday, April 17. 

Corporation members will also attend a private dinner event at the Schwarzman Center on Friday evening to celebrate Salovey’s service to Yale. The event will bring together partners and volunteers that Salovey has worked with over the years, per a member of the President’s Office. 

The University’s by-laws dictate that all decisions made by the Corporation are to be decided by a majority vote. The Presidential Search Committee is chaired by Corporation senior trustee Joshua Bekenstein ’80 and consists of seven additional Corporation members: Catharine Bond Hill GRD ’85 and William Kennard LAW ’81, who serve as vice chairs to the committee, as well as five others — Ann Miura-Ko ’98, Joshua Steiner ’87, David Sze ’88, Marta Tellado GRD ’02 and Michael Warren ’90. The committee also includes four faculty members who were appointed in September. 

In September, Bekenstein told the News that all 16 trustees will ultimately become involved in choosing the next president. Trustees convene in person and on campus five times a year, with their final meeting of the year scheduled for June 8.

Salovey is set to step down from his role on June 30. In his Aug. 31 announcement that he would be returning to the faculty, Salovey wrote that he had informed Bekenstein of his willingness to extend his set departure date “to provide leadership continuity.” 

The last public update from the presidential search committee was released on Jan. 29, synthesizing information from a report received by the Student Advisory Council — which the News obtained in full — and the committee’s other outreach efforts, including listening sessions and surveys.

The Corporation’s last meeting of the academic year is on June 8, after classes end.

Benjamin Hernandez covers Woodbridge Hall, the President's Office. He previously reported on international affairs at Yale. Born and raised in Dallas, Texas, he is a sophomore in Trumbull College majoring in Global Affairs.