One broken heart, one glass of wine, and one game of Jenga. This is what my Wednesday evening looked like.

My long-distance boyfriend had just broken up with me and like with every other “I am better than you” ex, I had to tell all the gossip to my fellow Eastern-European friend.   

When we entered the Well, they marked us with paper bracelets probably to show that we were over 21. It kind of felt like going through the passport control at an airport, but a bit more intense. 

We spotted two egg-shaped orange chairs and positioned ourselves there. We really sank down when we sat in them. We took a few spins in the chairs and went to the bar. 

Since we don’t really understand much about wine, other than its difference in color, we asked the bartender for a recommendation. He gave us a sample of the house wine which we chugged immediately. Pretending to be really savoring the wine, we declared that it fit our taste and asked for two cups. He gave us two glasses of water for 14 dollars. We felt accomplished.

We sat in the huge orange chairs again. I put my feet on the table then, feeling as if I ran the world.

Honestly, the fact that the Well is in Schwarzman makes it much more relaxed and welcoming. I felt like I belonged there. It was my place. 

I do my homework, and then I go to the Well. I feel protected there.

My friend spotted the games table. We were already a few sips in when we started playingJenga. I wasn’t sure what the point of the game was, but I wanted to win. Apparently though, I used two hands and you were only supposed to use one. So I guess I lost from the start.

During the intense game, I was telling my friend about my heartbreak. Drinking my wine, laughing, sinking further into the egg chair. It felt like the perfect place to be. We were supposed to go to Old Heidelberg, but honestly coming to the Well was the better decision.

An hour later, the bartender came to us and told us there was free cake. Apparently, there was a retirement party just before we came, and there were two cakes left. One was chocolate and the other vanilla. What a day to be retired.

My heartbreak was slowly healing. The retirement party was the highlight of my day.

In complete honesty, the Well is my new favorite place on campus. It feels like home. Or maybe it was the free cake that really made me love it… I guess we won’t know until I go again. Maybe there will be another retirement party. Who knows?