An ode to control and a dropped toothbrush

onto to the bathroom floor in the dead of night

where you don’t see much

and you don’t feel much except the sullen streets that bring you to a hush


Just like the burst of energy I brushed with, the same version that sparked that light

I’ve cried before that no touch was ever enough

now, I’m seemingly self satisfied.


I realized in writing words that look better than they sound

In journals of every inconvenience and craving

Sometimes it’s about the wanting, but not the saving.

you don’t have to have the things you claim you might


I know what I want but it’s not always brought to me

I know what I need, and guess what, that’s never been afraid of me.

So maybe I’m sad. I own that piece

So maybe I’m lonely, I’m still at peace 

And that’s fine, it’s called my life


You feel better when you let go,

my toothbrush did drop.

I can’t have it all, so

like my toothbrush I picked up off the floor

I wash myself off

and get by.