To the editors of the Yale Daily News:

Only days ago did I learn of the 2021 suicide of Rachael Shaw-Rosenbaum ’24; the horrors of Yale’s treatment of students with mental health struggles, including Alicia Abramson ’24 and Hannah Neves ’23; the activism of the mental health advocacy group Elis for Rachael and now the class action lawsuit against Yale. It is chilling to consider the shameful ways that Yale has treated students with these serious struggles.

I’m proud to have joined Elis for Rachael but in no way speak for anyone but myself. I urge Yale students, faculty, staff, staff unions and alumni to speak out on this crucial issue. I urge everyone to support these courageous plaintiffs and the inspiring organizations they’re working with.

Bob Lamm ’69

Visiting Instructor in Yale College, 1978 and 1980