Yale Daily News

This weekend, the Yale Daily News elected the managing board of 2024. We began our first week of production on Sunday and look forward to many more late nights to come.

We begin our year with an acknowledgement. The News has historically hurt communities on this campus and in New Haven, and in many cases failed the people it has sworn to serve. While our staff turns over year after year, we understand that our institutional history cannot be easily cast off, and we bear the responsibility of the paper’s legacy. 

In the coming year, we hope to move the needle in a new direction. We make no lofty promises to wholly repair the relationships and trust we have broken; such appeals have fallen flat and themselves become a source of frustration in the past. 

Instead, the effort starts with a hard look at our internal culture and traditions. We can no longer cling to the conventions of the past for their own sake. They must serve our members — especially those who have been undercut and ignored — as well as the modern institution we hope to become.

This year, we will conduct a rigorous evaluation of our recruitment, retention and leadership selection processes. They have posed significant barriers to entry and engagement for marginalized peoples and time and time again discouraged many from remaining in our newsroom, or entering at all. We have fallen behind our peer publications, at Yale and on other campuses, both in the representation of diverse peoples in our management and in the infrastructure that supports them.

As campus journalists in a diverse city, it is our continued responsibility to amplify the voices of the communities we serve. Through renewed attention to all corners of New Haven, we hope to reach the individual residents of our city rather than swoop in as self-appointed saviors. 

We will ground our university reporting on the student level, striving to foster relationships with those this institution has historically excluded. We recognize that the trust of the student body is not something we are entitled to, but something we have to earn. In the coming year, we will increase the transparency of our newsroom policies and be brave enough to loudly hold ourselves accountable when we make mistakes.

As we begin our year steering the News, we are emerging from a period of rebuilding. Two years ago, our energy went toward seeing the paper through the darkest days of the pandemic. In the past year, we have returned to in-person production amid COVID-19-related staffing shortages and new print policies. Now, we have reached a moment where we can afford to be ambitious. 

We hope that you will join us this year, as readers or contributors, in our efforts to cover our surrounding communities with grace, humility and fearless journalism in pursuit of the truth.


Editor-in-Chief & President

Lucy Hodgman

Brooklyn, NY

Print Managing Editors

Ángela Pérez

Caguas, PR

Isaac Yu

Garland, TX

Multimedia Managing Editor

Dante Motley

Austin, TX


Olivia Zhang

Long Island, NY

Public Editor

Christian Robles

Washington, DC

Director of Internal Affairs

Nicole Rodriguez

Director of External Affairs

Anjali Mangla

Cheshire, CT

Opinion Editors

Jean Wang

Shi Wen Yeo


University Editors

Miranda Jeyaretnam


Jordan Fitzgerald

Livingston, NJ

City Editors

Sylvan Lebrun

Sai Rayala

Powell, OH

Arts Editor

Olivia Charis

Marrero, LA

Science & Technology Editor

Sophie Wang

Los Altos, CA

Elizabeth Watson

Waco, TX

Sports Editors

Andrew Cramer

New York, NY

Hamera Shabbir

Patterson, CA

Weekend Editors

Eda Aker

Miami, FL

Jacqueline Kaskel

Boca Raton, FL

Alex Ori

Chicago, IL

Ava Saylor

Yucaipa, CA

Magazine Editors

Oliver Guinan

Reno, NV

Abigail Sylvor Greenberg

New York, NY

Chief Financial Officer

Stevan Kamatovic

Chicago, IL


Piper Jackman

Pittsburgh, PA

Max Sternlicht

Pikesville, MD

Maya Weldon-Lagrimas

Stockton, CA

Copy Editors

Josie Jahng

Livingston, NJ

Maya Melnik

Pasadena, CA

Hailey O’Connor

Sparta, NJ

Patrick SebaRaj

Salisbury, MD

Production and Design Editors

Beril Birlik


Chris de Santis

Wynnewood, PA

Evan Gorelick

Woodbridge, CT

Yash Roy

Princeton, NJ

Anika Seth

Rockville, MD

Sophie Sonnenfeld

New Haven, CT

Photography Editors

Gavin Guerrette

Pottstown, PA

Yasmine Halmane

Secaucus, NJ

Tenzin Jorden

East Rutherford, NJ

Tim Tai

Giri Viswanathan

Monroeville, PA

Podcast Editor

Alyssa Michel

Elkins Park, PA

Illustrations Editors

Ariane de Gennaro

New York, NY

Jessai Flores

Grand Prairie, TX

Tech Lead

Tiger Wang

Bell Buckle, TN

Audience Editors

Toia Conde Rodrigues da Cunha


Charlotte Hughes

Columbia, SC

Rachel Shin

Mechanicsburg, PA