Ana Paula Padilla Castellanos

Audrey Kolker

Eric Krebs

Elliot Lewis

John Nguyen

Isabelle Qian

Arinjay Singhai

Ana Paula Padilla Castellanos serves as associate editor of Yale Daily News Magazine. Originally from Guatemala, she is a sophomore in Silliman majoring in Comparative Literature. 

Audrey Kolker writes for Weekend and Magazine. Originally from Brooklyn, New York, she is a first year in Jonathan Edwards majoring in English.

Eric Krebs is a senior in Jonathan Edwards college from Queens, New York. His writing has appeared in Bloomberg News, Slate and the New York Times.

Elliot Lewis is a junior in Branford College studying English with a concentration in playwriting. He currently serves as Editor-in-Chief of The Yale Herald. He has previously worked as Yale Daily News Magazine’s associate editor.

John Nguyen is a poet and essayist from Saint Paul, Minnesota. A sophomore in Davenport College, he majors in English. John is obsessed with em dashes, novels and anime.

Isabelle Qian is a sophomore from Seattle, Washington. She is planning to major in History.

Arinjay Singhai is a senior in Davenport College, raised in Singapore by Indian parents. Though deeply passionate about technology and investing, Arinjay sometimes suffers from intrusive daydreams about actually finishing the collection of stories he has procrastinated for the last two years. For the time being, though, he will happily settle for watching Tottenham, reading trashy romantic fiction and listening to music — preferably live.