Silhouette is a new podcast sharing the stories that make up the Yale community. Join Arden Yum ‘25 as she discusses the journey of producing the Peahce Project, discovering her Asian-American identity, growing up in New York, and expressing her creativity through spaces
at Yale.

This episode was produced by Ruth Lee and Xavier Guaracha, with research done by Julia Ilias, sound-engineering by Bea Soto, and music by Blue Dot Sessions.

Host: Ruth Lee
Guest: Arden Yum
Producers: Ruth Lee, Xavier Guaracha, Bea Soto, Julia Illias, Isabel Kalb
Music: Blue Dot Sessions

Ruth Lee covers Film and Literature for the Arts Desk, as well as writes for the Weekend and records for the Podcask Desk. From New York City, Ruth is a freshman in Timothy Dwight college, majoring in History and English.