Are there black people in Harry Potter? Where were the black people in Gilmore Girls? Four are currently (or formerly) editors at the Yale Daily News– still, that’s a count on one hand list.
In this special episode, host Simi Olurin sits down with Awuor Onguru, Caleb Dunson, Marie Sanford to discuss their experiences being the first, being the only and being a black student at the oldest college daily. Special thank you to Zaporah Price, your guidance has been cherished.

Simi Olurin currently serves as editor of the Yale Daily News Podcast Desk. Originally from Wilmington, Delaware, she is a double major in Political Science and Film & Media Studies.
Awuor Onguru edits the Opinion Desk. She is a Sophomore in Berkeley College, majoring in English and History.
Caleb Dunson is a former Opinion Editor and current Opinion Columnist for the News. Originally from Chicago, Caleb is a junior in Saybrook College majoring in Political Science.
Marie Sanford serves as Co-Editor in Chief of Yale Daily News Magazine. Originally from Atlanta, Georgia she is a junior in Saybrook College majoring in English. She has previously served as Associate Editor of Magazine.