Leet Miller

Last semester, I took “Black and White Photography Capturing Light,” which taught me to completely rethink how I compose my pictures. For the class, I continued shooting what had always interested me — architecture, city goers in their environments and nature — but learned to keep my eye out for things that would pop because of contrasting colors and light conditions. “Sunday Stroll” is a striking scene of dark and light contrast: two women dressed entirely in white emerging from the dark abyss of The Study. No passersby, cars, hotel guests or other signs of the bustling city are visible despite that day being quite normal on Chapel Street. I like that the sheer emptiness of the scene feels post-apocalyptic, as if the two masked women chose to brave the outdoors alone while everyone else decided to stay inside. For me, that captures the conflicting feeling of living freely but carefully through the past two pandemic years.