Cover art by Alice Mao.

Cover Art by Alice Mao.

This episode of Attune features two short stories and a radio play. The first short story is titled “Vanishment.” It was written by T.J. Maresca and voiced by Julia Sulkowski. The radio play is titled “It’s Just a Ghost.” It was written by Jenan Cameranesi, co-directed by Sophia Lee and Slaveya Zaharieva, and voiced by Lucy Ellis and Sarah McKinnis. The last piece is a short story called “Drive.” It was written by Mia Arias Tsang and voiced by Sarah McKinnis. Original music for this episode was composed by Zach Simao. You can read transcripts of these works at this link: (

This episode was produced by Sophia Lee, Slaveya Zaharieva, Eileen Peng, and Laura Palacio Londono, as well as Mitchell Davis and Suraj Singareddy, and it was sound engineered by Laura Palacio Londono, Slaveya Zaharieva, Mitchell Davis, and Suraj Singareddy. Our intro and outro theme is written by Sharon Ahn.

Episode cover by Alice Mao.

Attune is an audio narrative anthology producing student-written short stories, plays, and poetry, as well as voice talent and original soundtracks by both Yale students and alumni.

Slaveya Zaharieva is a senior in Branford College. She is an international student from Bulgaria and is double-majoring in Economics and Global Affairs. She is interested in social issues such as climate change and public health, and loves writing fantasy and science fiction stories.
Laura is a student in Branford College. She was born in Colombia but has lived the majority of her life in West Palm Beach. She is an anthropology major who wants to go on to study public health. You can often find her listening to fiction podcasts (or creating them).
Suraj Singareddy is an editor for the podcast desk. Originally from Johns Creek, GA, he is an English major in Timothy Dwight College.
Sophia is a student at Yale University studying East Asian Studies and Psychology with certificates in Japanese and Education Studies. She spent her early childhood in South Korea, but has since moved to the United States where she has developed a deep love for her roots in East Asia and a passion for language study.