This letter is in response to the November 28 article: Yale researchers unlock secrets through study of long-term effects of COVID-19

Dear YDN,

The description of long COVID provided by Professor Krumholz also describes several variants of Chronic Fatigue Disorder, especially ME-CFS which also manifests with neuroinflammatory/immune system issues. There is scant research funding into the causes and cures of CFD due in part to there being no known cause. Thus, Big Pharma and, therefore, also lobby-led Congress, have no interest in this condition. The Yale School of Medicine deserves praise and applause for going boldly where Big Money refuses to tread. It would be helpful if Yale’s research team loudly and expressly made public the probable connection between long COVID and the much more venerable and prevalent conditions relating to the CFD variants. Such public awareness just might spur investment into these classes of conditions that adversely impact millions of individuals. While the human suffering may not make a difference to the purse holders, perhaps the obvious loss of economic productivity caused by these medical issues might be of interest.

JAMES LUCE ’66 is an alum. Contact him at