Over the course of the coming year, we hope to draw interest, ire and respect. Interest with fearless coverage of Yale and New Haven, ire by holding those in power to account and respect with our commitment to truth, fairness and to the communities we cover and serve.

This week, the managing board of 2023 takes the helm of the oldest college daily. It’s also the first week we can all return to in-person production at 202 York St. It’s fitting. Sound again reverberates around the walls of the reporter’s room, echoing off the tacked-up YDN issues from years gone by.

Last year was a challenge, with interviews and edits held over Zoom.

This year, with our return to in-person production, we welcome the camaraderie of journalism: reporters and editors clustered around pages for proofing, the serendipitous story discovery from conversations on Cross Campus and the newsroom debates and collaborative decisions that lead to strong content. Our reporters will once again venture out in person to track down stories, and our new staff can don newspaper hats as they are inducted into the YDN.

We’ll do our best to cover the Yale and New Haven communities from top to bottom. The door to 202 York St. is always open. If you’d like your perspective heard, to uplift others’ voices or to tell us how we can improve, we’ll be here every day — and very late into the night.

We pledge our commitment to the truth, to “clean, dignified, and trustworthy journalism.” The News must be an essential resource that both holds those in power to account and serves the community. For years, it has established a legacy of critical coverage, steadily chronicling life at Yale. But it has made mistakes and errors, touching off well-deserved criticism.

To investigate the history of the institution, we must examine how it responded to national events, how it reported on and perpetuated prejudices in American life and what role the News had at Yale. We have the opportunity to understand the history of the News, to know from where we came. By accounting for the past, we can decide what role the News should have in the coming years. We will craft a mission statement and code of ethics for our organization and our journalistic pursuits. We will use our printed columns to affect change.

We see what the News can and should be: a check on power and a source of vital information, as well as untold stories of community life.

We will take a digital-first approach, utilizing innovative avenues to conduct visual investigations, more fully chronicle student voices in our podcasts and to mark the slice of Yale life in the year that we cover. We can publish and disseminate breaking news on a faster scale and to a broader audience, and more effectively engage with our readers.

We know our aims are lofty, but we will work tirelessly to bring them to fruition. We care so much about this paper and about the role of journalism. We will do all we can to earn your trust. With gratitude, recognition of the News’ role, and the hope that you’ll join us:


The Yale Daily News Managing Board of 2023


Editor in Chief & PresidentRose Horowitch 

Print Managing EditorZaporah Price

Multimedia Managing Editor: Natalie Kainz 


EditorMarisol Carty 

Business & Advertising

Publisher: Christian Martinez Contreras

Director of Finance: Melissa Kim

Director of Operations: Angela Lee


EditorsChristian RoblesOwen Tucker-Smith 


Editors: Josie Jahng, Chris LeeHailey O’Connor, Caroline Parker, Yingying Zhao


Editors: Leon Lufkin, Amy Zhao


Editors: Sophie Henry, Cecilia Lee 


EditorsCaleb DunsonAwuor Onguru


EditorsZoe BergVaibhav SharmaKaren LinRegina SungHedy Tung 


EditorsAndrea LeeSimi Olurin

Production & Design

Editors: Jose Estrada, Rachel Folmar, Elifnaz Onder, Stephanie Shao, Isaac Yu

Public Editors

Editors: Julia BialekJose Davila IVPhoebe Liu 


EditorsAnjali ManglaNicole Rodriguez 


EditorsRyan Chiao, Eugenio Garza García 


EditorsJulia BrownAmelia Davidson

Web Development 

Lead Developers: Julia Macri, Iris Yang


EditorsClaire FangJordan FitzgeraldTony HaoÁngela Pérez


EditorsMaya Weldon-Lagrimas, Olivia Sally