Giovanna Truong

This year has been tough, but there have been joyful moments, too. We asked Yale students from different class years to write about some of the small things they’re thankful for.


Though I don’t run into my friends spontaneously as much this semester, this lack of spontaneity made space for intentionality. I am grateful for the intentional moments we’ve made: hiking up East Rock to drink coffee and watch the sunrise, eating chicken tendies outside in the sunshine after a midterm, going on long walks to Wooster Square just to look at the flowers, ending FaceTime calls with, “I love you.” – Kelly Farley ’22


Slightly overgrown grass. A musically creaky hammock. Rustling bushes, a smattering of stars in the sky and the warm glow from Sterling Library on one side, the Trumbrary on the other. I’m with my suitemate and we’re talking about alternate realities, or something equally absurd. We fall silent. We stare at nowhere in particular. We can hear each other breathe. I’m grateful for the peace and groundedness that comes from sitting in the Trumbull College courtyard just before sunrise. – Phoebe Liu ’23


Studying abroad, in a time zone 12-13 (daylight savings time shifts Eastern Standard Time/Eastern Daylight Time, but not China Standard Time) hours ahead of New Haven, has been difficult. In these trying times, I am incredibly thankful for the fact that my MacBook has not died on me yet, given that it is active for nearly 12 hours a day and has already given me years of dedicated service. I know that its life must soon come to an end, what with planned obsolescence baked into its design. But it is here with me now, still, and the fact that its battery hasn’t melted like the battery of my last MacBook gives me joy and relief each night when I wake up and log in to Zoom University. – Claire Fang ’23


I’m grateful for Yale, because not allowing the sophomores to return to campus let me have a year of unexpected joys and adventure. I’m grateful for the bonds of friendship that extend thousands of miles past New Haven and for all the Zoom calls that have allowed me to see so many delightful smiles. I’m grateful for my mentors who pushed me to realize the road less traveled is often full of beautiful surprises and for everyone who was a beautiful surprise along the way. – Erin Bailey ’24

Phoebe Liu was a Public Editor for the Managing Board of 2023 and Managing Editor for the Managing Board of 2022. She previously covered the School of Music as a staff reporter. Phoebe graduated from Trumbull College with a degree in Statistics & Data Science and was an Education Studies Scholar and Yale Journalism Scholar.
Erin Bailey is a copy editor on the managing board and writes for the science and technology desk. Originally from Denver, Colorado, Erin is a sophomore in Davenport College studying biology.