Yale Daily News Podcasts · Attune: Shadows in Daylight

This episode of Attune features four poems and the first chapter of an upcoming fantasy novel. The first three poems are “Kanaima”, “Hair”, and “The Remainder”, written and voiced by Ashley Anthony. The fourth poem is “Scarlet”, written and voiced by Masfi Khan. The last piece, “Where Cakes Dwell, Here Be Deathlings”, was written by Coco Ma, and it is the first chapter of her upcoming fourth fantasy novel, “Deathlings”. Original music by Michael Gancz and Amelia Lake. You can read transcripts of these works at this link: (linktr.ee/FollowAlongwithAttune).

This episode was produced by Slaveya Zaharieva and Laura Palacio Londono, and was sound engineered by Jonathan Jalbert, Slaveya Zaharieva and Laura Palacio Londono. Our intro and outro theme is written by Sharon Ahn. Poster art by Dora Guo.

Attune is an audio narrative anthology producing student written short stories, plays, and poetry, as well as voice talent and original soundtracks by both Yale students and alumni.



Laura is a student in Branford College. She was a born in Colombia but has lived the majority of her life in South Florida. She is an anthropology major who wants to go on to study public health however, podcasts are one of her creative passions.