Yale Daily News Podcasts · Attune: People We Once Knew

This episode of Attune features a poem and a radio play: “Roadtrip,” written by Carly Benson and read by Siena Cizdziel, and “The Big Picture,” written by Naomi Goodheart and voiced by Olivia O’Connor and Evelyn Wu. Original music by Jonathan Weiss and Sebastian Chang. You can read transcripts of these works at this link. (linktr.ee/FollowAlongwithAttune)

This episode was produced by Christine Yang and Emilia Fernández as part of the Attune team. It was sound engineered by Jonathan Jalbert and Michael Lee. Our intro/outro theme is written by Sharon Ahn. Poster by Dora Guo.


Attune is an audio narrative anthology producing student written short stories, plays, and poetry, as well as voice talent and original soundtracks by both Yale students and alumni.