Kalina Mladenova

I saw once


Someone holding a sign

In big letters it said

“Free hugs! Spread love, not hate!”


I walked by that person, thinking

Why would I hug a random stranger

And when did a hug start costing money


Good question, Isa, they cost much more than money 

The demand is high, the supply of hugs is low

Turns out, spreading love is hard while sickness is spreading too


Introducing the wave! You just shake your hand in the air now

No more awkwardness, no more overthinking, none of that confusing, weird handshake-or-hug movements 

Wave at everyone you see, greet the stranger and your friends the same way


If I had the opportunity to hug that stranger now, I’d probably pass by again 

But I’d think about it, because I would honestly hug the word “hug” if I could

Because it’s weird seeing crowds of people in movies reuniting, laughing, hugging, just doing peopley people things


Waves are for oceans — they are surface-level, and it’s hard to distinguish between one wave and the other


I’ll wave back if you wave to me, but know that I’m down to give free hugs after COVID-19

Isa Dominguez | isa.dominguez@yale.edu

Isa Dominguez is a current co-editor for the Opinion desk and a staff columnist for the News. Originally from Doral, Florida, she is a senior in Timothy Dwight College majoring in English.