Yale Daily News Podcasts · Full Disclosure: Confessions of Student Athletes at Yale

Varsity student-athletes at Yale sit down to discuss the various myths and biases they face at elite academic institutions. Discussions around race, socioeconomic class, background, gender, and much more contribute to the answers behind some of the various misconceptions.

Guests: EJ Jarvis, Thomas Toney, Aris Katafygiotis, Jack Twyford, Molly Fallek, Abrianna Barrett and Hannah Johns.
Producers: Simi Olurin, Alyssa Michel, and Christion Zappley
Music: Blue Dot Sessions

Simi Olurin currently serves as editor of the Yale Daily News Podcast Desk. Originally from Wilmington, Delaware, she is a double major in Political Science and Film & Media Studies.
Christion Zappley currently serves as a lead producer for the podcast desk. He previously worked for the "Full Disclosure" series and currently runs "The Rundown" series. Originally from Charlotte, North Carolina, Christion is a Davenport College sophomore majoring in English.