Yale Daily News Podcasts · Black Voices at Yale Special Issue: Performance Anxiety and Imposter Syndrome Among Black Yalies

This Black History Month special episode focuses on two first-years as they tell their experiences with imposter syndrome and performance anxiety. They discuss the difficulties that are specific to students of color at Yale and what should be done about it. Research mentioned in the podcast is from “Racial and Ethnic-Related Stressors as Predictors of Perceived Stress and Academic Performance for African American Students at a Historically Black College and University” by Tawanda M. Greer.

Guests: Kofi Samuels and Jade Villegas
Producer: Christion Zappley
Music: Blue Dot Sessions

Christion Zappley currently serves as a lead producer for the podcast desk. He previously worked for the "Full Disclosure" series and currently runs "The Rundown" series. Originally from Charlotte, North Carolina, Christion is a Davenport College sophomore majoring in English.