Yale Daily News Podcasts · Attune: Wistful Thinking

This episode of Attune features one short story and two poems. First up is “Dear Neighbor,” a poem written by Lukas Bacho and read by Sam Ahn, with music by Matt Udry. Next is “The Labyrinthian,” a short story written by Kyle Mazer and read by Peter Steinmann, with music by Parker Redcross. Lastly you’ll hear “Winter Winds and the Shifting Ashes” written by Sebastian Tsai and read by Sebastian Roizner Rodriguez, with music also by Matt Udry. Link to stories.

This episode was produced by Christine Yang, Slaveya Zaharieva, Kadiatou Keita, and Emilia Fernández, as well as Sydney Bryant, Sophia Lee, and Eileen Peng. Intro and outro music composed by Sharon Ahn. Sound engineered by Kadiatou Keita, Emilia Fernandez, and Sydney Bryant. Poster art by Alice Mao.

Attune is an audio narrative anthology showcasing student-written short stories, plays, and poetry, as well as voice talent and original soundtracks by both Yale students and alumni.

Link to SFX Attributions.


Slaveya Zaharieva is a senior in Branford College. She is an international student from Bulgaria and is double-majoring in Economics and Global Affairs. She is interested in social issues such as climate change and public health, and loves writing fantasy and science fiction stories.