Yale Daily News Podcasts · The Weekly Roundup Nov. 19: A Data Governance Gap

The YDN Weekly Roundup features the top headlines of the week, released every Friday. Hosted by Christion Zappley. Produced by Allison Park, Phoebe Liu and Jose Davila IV. Read more at yaledailynews.com. Cover art by Dora Guo. Music by Blue Dot Sessions.

Articles mentioned: YaleStudents website generates student debate, reveals potential data governance gap in University policy; $250,000 NHPD grant would go towards overtime, Project Longevity; Yale teams return to Phase I, limited training; ‘Our capacity is being stretched’: YNHHS continues to see rising COVID-19 hospitalizations; Yale artists launch Midnight Oil Collective to provide creative agency.

Christion Zappley currently serves as a lead producer for the podcast desk. He works for the "Full Disclosure" series. He is a first-year in Davenport College majoring in English.