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On Saturday night, two cars collided into each other at the intersection of Temple and Grove streets near the northern edge of Silliman College, according to a report filed by the New Haven Police Department.

The incident occurred at around 12:30 a.m. and resulted in conflicting reports from both motorists, a result that has led NHPD to rule that it cannot conclude which of the drivers was at fault. The drivers were identified as a 32-year-old man from West Haven and a 33-year-old woman from East Haven.

The male driver told police that he had the greenlight while traveling west on Grove Street toward Temple Street while the female driver said that she was also under the impression she has the right of way while traveling south on Temple Street toward Grove Street.   

“I was able to view footage of the incident at 101 Ashmun Street [at the] Yale Police Department…there was much light pollution and I was unable to clearly see the stoplight,” officer Justiano Nieves wrote in his report. “Due to conflicting statements and no clear footage, I am unable to determine who was at [fault].” 

According to the police report, the male driver reported pain throughout his body and was subsequently transported to Yale New Haven Hospital. The female driver reported head pain and was later transported to an unnamed local hospital by a friend. 

The male driver’s vehicle sustained damages in the front end driver’s side, and the female driver’s vehicle sustained damages in the front end passenger’s side. The vehicles have since been towed away from the intersection. 

NHPD issued the male driver a misdemeanor charge for driving with insufficient automobile insurance and does not plan to further investigate the incident. 

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Clarification, Sept. 28: This article has been updated to remove all named references to the male and female driver.

Christian Robles covers education & youth services. He is a sophomore in Davenport College studying Political Science and Economics.