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Harold Bloom GRD ‘55, the Sterling Professor of English and a Yale icon who championed and staunchly defended the Western canon, died on Monday at a New Haven hospital.

The 89-year-old literary critic wrote over forty books in his lifetime and attained widespread academic recognition for his innovative interpretations of poetry. Bloom was known as a “lone warrior in the literary world,” according to a 2003 Atlantic article, because of his passionate defense of romantic poetry.

At Yale, Bloom is teaching two Humanities classes for undergraduates this semester: “Shakespeare and the Canon: Histories, Comedies, and Poems” and “Poetic Influence from Shakespeare to Keats.” He taught his last class at Yale on October 10, 2019.

Bloom joined the Yale faculty over 50 years earlier.


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  • Hieronymus Machine

    Controversial colossus, both Delphic and Daedalean, intimidating but… well, the term is “broken” in Xtian-speak, but let’s just say “emotionally enigmatic.”

    Many surely hate him, but he went not gentle into that good night.

    “I see we won’t be scaling any in-te-LECtual Him-il-LAYas this semester…”
    From Alice to Ulysses, God be with you, Harold Bloom